Does 100% Polyester Shrink? - A Detailed Guide

Do you prefer wearing clothes made from 100% polyester fabric regularly? Still, you may have a common doubt – Does 100% Polyester Shrink?

You already have the answer, as suggested by the title. But the real point of concern is how it happens. Once the reason behind this occurrence gets revealed, you can easily enhance the usability of your all Polyester attires for the longest time possible.

For sure, you want to know the answer. This blog has answered it right below. So, read thoroughly up to the end.

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How does 100% Polyester fabric shrink?

First, talk about the wide acceptance of polyester cloths in daily life. And one of the main reasons is the ease of using specifically after washing. They spread automatically without forming wrinkles, even if you don’t iron the cloth. It is because of the fact - Polyester fabric dries out quickly and faster than most other types of fabric.

Another cause behind the use of polyester garments is that the fabric hardly bleeds its colour, of course, if it is 100% quality Polyester material. Let us add more, Polyester fabric can also resist mold growth or insect attack compared to cotton. Now take a glance at the following paragraphs getting to know - how Polyester fabric can shrink.

Temperature is actually there behind shrinking this fabric

  • Firstly how Polyester can shrink is neglecting care label instructions attached with clothes. Manufactures recommend avoiding hot water use for washing Polyester clothing. If you ignore or forget this instruction and soak Polyester outfit in hot water, this can shrink your cloth.
  • Polyester generally doesn’t shrink to and after drying out unless, of course, you use a dryer and set the temperature at a higher figure. It is when the basic resistance properties can’t endure the heat. There are, after all, terms of hardened and melted fabric regarding the temperature.

So, the fact is heat and shrinking are directly connected to each other when it is about Polyester clothing. Now another point of concern to discuss is how much it can shrink.

The percentage of shrinkage in the Polyester fabric is directly affected by the water and dryer’s heat level used during washing clothes made of Polyester. This fabric can perform shrinking at an extreme lower temperature in comparison to cotton.

But…shrinking doesn’t always bring the sad face to the wearers. Sometimes people intentionally make their Polyester clothes shrink. It is especially when they lose their weight, or the dress is bigger, and there is no way to fit it. When shrinking your Polyester attire purposefully, be careful about damage.

When shrinking any Polyester fabric on purpose, it can lead the size from ¼ to ½.

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The steps you can follow are as below

  • Set the setting of your washing machine too hot. Likewise, the dryer heat setting will also help to shrink polyester cloths.
  • Put your Polyester cloth in hot water for some time but avoid keeping it for longer.
  • Make use of a pressing cloth upon the Polyester fabric whiling using a temperately hotter iron.

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